Steve Selvidge :: “You Gone Away” (Porch Style) (by Rich Tarbell)

Tad Kubler :: “Citrus” (Porch Style with Alternate Tuning) (by Rich Tarbell)

(Cf the original here: )

Frank Turner - Photosynthesis (by videosyncratic)

The 10yo has been obsessed with this song after seeing Turner live.

"Mission Viejo" is one of my favorite Lifter Puller songs, covered here as a solo joint by Craig Finn on Halloween 2012 at Milkboy in Philadelphia (uploaded by julyjuly1825).

Frank Turner covers The Hold Steady - ‘Stuck Between Stations’ -  (by DropoutUK)

Craig Finn & The Melismatics, covering “Skyway”

Via playmixt, a new song from The Hold Steady!

Frank Turner, “I Still Believe”

Craig Finn, “Going to a Show”

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The always-excellent Craig Finn explains why he doesn’t wait for inspiration.